Jules Welsch


How TaskRabbit Uses DigitalOcean

TaskRabbit + DigitalOcean

TaskRabbit uses DigitalOcean to run our Staging environments where we can experiment with our entire infrastructure on one server. While we utilize a physical colocation facility for our production environment, we value the cloud for ad-hoc and staging deployments. We also use DigitalOcean for our off-site production monitoring tools.

Why DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean's SSD-backed nodes are fast enough to contain our whole stack in one place (5x Rails Apps, 2x Node apps, mysql, redis, memcache, elasticsearch) so we can spin-up and spin-down servers as needed and not break the bank. We heavily invest in SOA and distributed architecture (and related tools), so having distinct staging ecosystems for each team/feature is important for us. We use Chef for server provisioning & automation, and integrating DigitalOcean into our Chef workflow was as simple as adding a gem. WWe can spin up a new combined staging server in under an hour.